Professional services

BioProdex, Inc. is committed to providing the following services:

Scientific and Technical Consultancy

Printed and electronic literature of how-to manuals and bulletins to guide clients in the proper use of our products. Follow-through with clients via telephone and email hotlines.

Materials and R&D Support

Material and R&D Support for Nanotechnology Applications.
Supply _Tobacco mild green mosaic tobamovirus_, a rod-shaped
Tobamovirus, for nanotechnology applications and collaborate in R&D
and commercial projects.

Contract Research

With its in-house expertise and
capability in fungal, bacterial, and viral biopesticides, undertake
contract research that is compatible with the company’s mission and
objectives. Provide scientific and technical intelligence and guidance
by evaluating the merits of research proposals, laboratory methods and
protocols, feasibility studies, company plans, and other details
relevant to biopesticide projects and products.