About Us
BioProdex, Inc. is a biotechnology
company founded in 2003 by
Raghavan Charudattan, Ph.D.

Our mission is to develop, market, and promote a line of biologically based environment-friendly products for pest control and environmental protection. BioProdex’s first commercial product is SolviNix® LC, a plant virus-based bioherbicide,SolviNix ® LC, technology was developed by Dr. Charudattan and his research team at the University of Florida-Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. BioProdex holds the exclusive license to this technology from the University of Florida Research Foundation, a minority shareholder in the company.

BioProdex has developed a proprietary process to mass-produce the virus used as the active ingredient in SolviNix.
The process is fully scalable to meet elastic market demands. The company envisions the virus as a platform to develop other analogous bioherbicides. The virus is also a biomaterial of interest for nanotechnology applications.
Other R&D projects in the BioProdex pipeline include:
  • Registration and use of SolviNix in countries where tropical soda apple poses problems.
  • Determination of the feasibility of using SolviNix to control other solanaceous weeds besides tropical soda apple.
  • Microbe-infused organic mulches to control weeds and root diseases in crops and home gardens.
  • Bioactive microorganisms that produce novel biochemicals with potential applications as pesticides, plant growth regulators, plant health promoters, or pharmaceuticals.
  • Development of Verticillium nonalfalfae as a bioherbicide for tree-of-heaven, Ailanthus altissima.
Dr. Charudattan has broad knowledge and experience in the discovery, product development, large-scale production, formulation, and regulation of biopesticides and bio-based technologies for pest management and environmental protection. Having this resource, BioProdex is able to offer consultant services and contract research to clients.
Controlling pests in agricultural production, the environment, and around homes is expensive. In addition, the growing concern over the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals in the environment has created a demand for eco-friendly and healthful alternatives. Organic food production, a rapidly growing market, prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals in production, creating a need for bio-based pesticides. BioProdex is here to offer products and services to fill this need.